Your pass to play this Spring Carnival.

With just days to go before the Melbourne Cup race stops the nation. Party goers, racing
enthusiasts and fashionistas are getting ready to immerse themselves in the fun and
excitement of the carnival. Here are two little tips to help you prepare for pre and post


To help you tighten and lift for the perfect photo finish, our limited-edition pack of 3 Cryo
Facial can help give you the lift you are looking for. Our non-invasive, fast and effective
Cryo Facial eliminates redness, reduces inflammation and pore size to reveal a fresher,
more vibrant you. Put your best face forward these fashions on the field!


If you are like most and will be enjoying the race day in grand style you will likely want to
avoid the dreaded after effects of a day of bubbles and bets. Boost your hydration and
replenish your vitamins and electrolytes with our Myer’s Cocktail IV Infusion Therapy – it
might just be your secret weapon and pass to play this racing season.

Our IV Infusion therapy treatments can help you bounce back to work sooner with all the
added benefits of hydration, vitamins, electrolytes and minerals to help replenish your body
back to its optimum level. Benefits to celebrate include:
 Boosting energy
 Detoxifying the body
 Reducing stress and improving general wellbeing
 Boosting metabolism and assist in weight reduction
 Improved immunity and recovery.

Don’t miss your spot in the starting gates, call now to book 1300 279 628.

Happy Spring Carnival!
The Cryo Australia Team

*T&C’s apply – contact your nearest clinic for more details.

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