About Cryo Australia

Cryo Australia is a health and wellness clinic that provides cryosauna therapy and medical expertise to individuals looking to exceed their goals in health and peak athletic performance – it can also help define their beauty. We use next generation recovery technology of whole body cryotherapy; we also combine cryotherapy treatments with personalised physical fitness and nutrition counselling where needed.

Cryo Australia draws on a modern view of health and wellness. We aim to enhance our clients’ quality of life. Whether you come to us to improve your overall wellbeing, address a medical or physical condition, perform better in sports or look and feel younger and healthier, we can help.

At Cryo Australia, we can expose your body to new temperatures that boost metabolism, loosens muscles, flattens stomachs, reduces cellulite and can burn up to 2000 kilojoules (about 800 calories in 2 minutes) without moving a muscle. That’s roughly the equivalent of running for 45 minutes or swimming for an hour. Now, if you don’t think that’s impressive, you’ll have to experience cryotherapy at our clinic for yourself. Our cryotherapy treatments provide the most revolutionary advancements in cold therapy.

Cryosauna therapy treatments have been widely used in Europe and the United States, including the teams of Tour de France, NBA and NFL for several years. Treat yourself today and experience the benefits for yourself firsthand at Cryo Australia.

Our Staff

Our staff consists of doctors, sports scientists, dietitians and other health professionals who have vast knowledge and experience in their fields – they will give you the best possible advice so you can achieve your desired health goals.