Cryo Services

Using state-of-the-art technology, we have a range of cryotherapy treatments to suit your health, wellness and beauty goals.

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Take advantage of our Free Body Composition Analysis valued at $40

Whether you want to address a certain health concern or improve the appearance of your skin and body, our body composition analysis will help our team recommend the right treatment for you. We provide an accurate body analysis report which only takes 1 minute. Our body composition analysis will give you your weight, fat percentage and water and mass percentage as well.

This service is free with any of our treatments.

All services include a complimentary Body Composition Analysis report. Using advanced technology and only requiring one minute of your time, our body composition analyser will give your weight, fat, bone and water percentage (including their respective weights). This is an essential tool to analyse your health and provide our specialists with a more accurate analysis of your body.