Whole Body Cryotherapy

Did you know that whole body cryotherapy stimulates your body and helps it regain its own ability to recover?

Whole body cryotherapy is an alternative health treatment, originating from Japan in the 1980’s by Dr. Yamauchi. Dr Yamauchi used this treatment to reduce pain and inflammation in his rheumatoid arthritis patients. Since then, technology has evolved and whole body cryotherapy treatments have been popular in Europe and the United States.

At Cryo Australia, we provide a unique cryotherapy experience for clients. We deliver this treatment via a cryosauna machine – a safe, single-person device that encases your body and keeps your head and neck exposed. It has been most popular among professional athletes, who have previously used ice baths for the same effects – to assist in the rehabilitation of injuries. This new technology enables athletes and individuals to experience the benefits of the traditional ice baths in a much more comfortable setting, much faster.

Whole body cryotherapy is a non-invasive option for faster muscle recovery from injury and fatigue. Athletes swear by it, as it relieves and eliminates pain, promotes blood circulation and the anti-inflammatory effect improves joint and muscular function. It has also been widely used to treat chronic inflammatory arthritic diseases.

All services include a complimentary Body Composition Analysis report. Using advanced technology and only requiring one minute of your time, our body composition analyser will give your weight, fat, bone and water percentage (including their respective weights). This is an essential tool to analyse your health and provide our specialists with a more accurate analysis of your body.