Localised Cryotherapy

Are you experiencing pain or discomfort in a particular area of your body? If this is the case, then we recommend you undertake one of our localised cryotherapy treatments.

Localised cryotherapy is used to reduce pain, inflammation and swelling in targeted areas of your body. Unlike whole body cryotherapy which uses cold temperatures to stimulate receptors all over your body, localised cryotherapy treatments is an efficient and pain-free way to treat those problem areas. It works much the same way and can produce more powerful results due to the targeted nature of this treatment.

All services include a complimentary Body Composition Analysis report. Using advanced technology and only requiring one minute of your time, our body composition analyser will give your weight, fat, bone and water percentage (including their respective weights). This is an essential tool to analyse your health and provide our specialists with a more accurate analysis of your body.