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Cryo Australia

Cryo Australia is proud to be the leading Cryotherapy equipment and service providers in Australia and NZ. The Cryotherapy revolution and ground breaking IV treatments have been taking Europe and the US by storm. We are proud to be the first clinic setup of its kind in the world offering the dual therapy to the general public.

About Us

The Cryotherapy and iRefresh philosophy are built on innovation, science and medicine combined. Working closely with several leading research institutions and equipment manufacturers globally, we bring a diverse range of powerful, cutting edge equipment and services to our shores.

Cryo Treatments

Safe, effective and affordable, Whole Body Cryotherapy, Localised
Cryotherapy, Fat Reduction technology are delivering exceptional outcomes in wellness, beauty therapy, sports performance and recovery.

iRefresh IV Therapy

Experience the innovative treatments delivered within our iRefresh vitamin
lounge. iRefresh is modern hydration & nutritional therapy via infusions and
vitamin boosters. IV infusions successfully treat anything from jetlag, stress,
Vitamin deficiencies and hangovers to acute and chronic conditions.

Own a Franchise

As one of Australia’s leading cryotherapy providers, Cryo Australia is a fast-growing business that provides numerous benefits to both its clients and stakeholders. Using streamlined, easy-to-manage processes that are designed to maximise quality and efficiency to all clients.

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