Keep Weight Off Over Winter

With winter on our doorstep, it’s definitely good time to start planning a strategy for staying fit and keeping your summer figure during the cold season. Sounds impossible?! It all makes sense when you know the mechanism behind the winter weight gain. We know you don’t want to hear this, but… no magic potions for losing weight here; there’s no revolutionary new method that will allow us to stay healthy, fit and active without having to get off the couch! Any of these tips can be 100% effective only if combined with some basic self-discipline. Do not despair, however; We’ll try to help you with much-needed motivation too!

So, why do we gain more weight during winter?

Apparently, one of the main reasons is – lack of sunlight. You see, a lack of natural light, is responsible for drop in serotonin levels. And as you know, serotonin is a brain chemical linked to our good mood. We tend to lose enthusiasm in all aspects of life during the winter. As a result, we sit in front of the telly more often, eating unhealthy snacks; we avoid going outside for our regular exercise; those of us who are quite outdoorsy during the rest of the year, don’t replace our otherwise active style of life with any meaningful activity during the winter and we tend to be happy with our confinement indoors. Hence, the weight gain.

What can we do about it?

It’s quite simple, really, and it doesn’t require that you go on demanding hiking excursions i n the freezing cold! Take at least one of your daily coffees outside, for example. Park at least one or two blocks away from your office and walk; who knows – you may find more interesting or cheaper shops in that part of the town. See to replace your outdoor activities with some indoor ones – whatever makes you move, whether it’s dancing, exercising, cleaning the house, running on  a treadmill, playing with kids… and always create yourself a fabulous atmosphere during those times – when you’re brisk-walking, for example, put on your headphones and enjoy some fast-paced music. Lift Me Up does the trick wonderfully for me!

Do I have to go on a special diet?

Now, here’s the beauty of things – there’s no need for any special diet; in fact, see to eat before you start starving and dedicate at least one part of the day to treat yourself with some good carbs (reserve that for late afternoon when your serotonin level drops and your cravings kick in). Opt for the seasonal fruits and veggies and the good carbs, like pasta or corn; but stir clear of processed food. Also, make sure to take enough water, especially around your meals, before and after; the purpose is to dilute the calories that enter your body, which will in turn help you consume less.


It’s as simple as that! You’ve got to be aware that there is no way you’ll shed one single pound just by sitting in front of the telly whenever you have a me-time; so, take the reins of your life and start exercising, instead of making excuses for yourself!

Problem with motivation?

As promised, do not despair even if your motivation is lower at winter. The trick is to make everything that you do – fun! So, make a compilation of your favourite music (happy music, upbeat; avoid ballads – they won’t do any good for you when you’re in full speed cleaning the house or jogging!) and create a great atmosphere for yourself.

Get enough sleep. Regular and enough sleep is a natural way to keep depression at bay, which is essential when it comes to weight management. Just a good night sleep will keep your motivation at a high level, which will allow you to actually go through with whatever exercise and meal plan you opt for.

A good idea is to engage in some fun hobbies; this will help you with motivation and stop you from eating out of boredom. Another thing that will serve as a good motivator is to take as many selfies as you can! Stand in front of the mirror in your swimming suit, snap a pic, and monitor your progress week after week.

Consider Cryotherapy as addition to your meal and exercise plans


Cryotherapy was first used in medical purposes in treatment of rheumatoid arthritis; but since then scientists have noticed a number of other health benefits. The point is to expose your body to extremely low temperatures (-140˚C) for several minutes. What it does basically is it decreases your skin temperature by about 10˚C leaving your core temperature unchanged. The brain then realizes that you’re cold and it instructs your body to start pumping blood to the core to increase the temperature. This, in turn, accelerates the metabolic rate and sends the enriched blood through your entire body and each cell. It boosts your immunity, cells renewal, and acts as a natural pain reliever. It also helps your body burn fat faster, for, just 3 minutes of cryotherapy is equal to 45 minutes of running! Repeated sessions yield better results, so definitely – think about it!

So, there you have it – all natural and 100% effective, and all it takes is just a liiitle bit of self-discipline! Have the best winter ever!

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