Top tips to undo the damage of travelling

Your skin, fitness regime and health can take a backseat when it comes to travelling. It’s understandable. All you want to do is eat, drink, party and explore the new country you’ve splashed out all your savings on. Sometimes towards the end of your holiday, you know it’s time to come home and face reality. It’s okay, we’ve got some tips on how to recover and feel refreshed from your trip abroad so you can get back on that grind!

1. Shower

Whether you are spending all day and all night wandering around the streets of Italy or going on a hike in Peru, travelling calls for a lot of exploration; and exploration means grime.

The toiletries you’ve brought overseas with you tend to be limited. Whether it be because you’re trying to save space for shopping or carrying everything on your back so you’re trying to keep your luggage light, you probably won’t have all the products in your cleansing routine handy.

Cleansing your body in your own shower and feeling comfortable in your own bathroom is arguably one of the things that people miss most while they are travelling overseas, especially if it is for months on end or on a budget. So scrubbing clean is a huge step to feeling refreshed, especially after hopping off a long haul.


2. Flight Recovery

Long haul flights are definitely the worst part of any trip. Getting there is tough, but getting back is worse. Sure, you might get to have a movie marathon and get some much needed shut-eye, but the majority of people (especially tall people) despise them.

The air conditioning dries out your skin. So a lot of people have turned to face masks to help with hydration or using hand cream. But a fool-proof way is to keep your fluids up, even if it means having to go to the bathroom multiple times.

The air con also contributes to the circulation of GERMS around the plane! A Vitamin C refresh might be what you need. It will help your skin and immune system to get back to its full working capacity.



3. Three Dreaded Letters

Not only are airplanes bad for your skin… have you heard of Deep Vein Thrombosis?? Yeah, sitting for hours upon hours can cause blood clots. When you return from your travels, consider rejoining the… gym. DVT has three letters but yes, we mean the gym.

Eating exotic food and trying local restaurants can be the most exciting part of a holiday. But eating out breakfast, lunch and dinner can take its toll. This might mean going for a stroll after dinner or hopping off the bus one stop earlier so you can walk that little bit extra to work. You might it’s counterintuitive, but exercise can actually make you feel more energetic!

Getting back to reality means reintegrating your fitness regime into your schedule and although it might take some time, there are other options available to you which might aid your process. And if  working up a sweat isn’t giving you the results you’re looking for, Cryo’s Cryolipolysis is a possible solution for the stubborn fat that won’t disappear. 


4. Eating Healthy

This goes hand in hand with the previous tip. While the gym will help shed that beer belly, if you want to truly feel refreshed from your trip, you will have to start nourishing it from within.


Changing your eating habits can help drastically. Swapping out the bread and pasta for stir frys and buddha bowls might be some of the changes that you implement. A green smoothie or a salad can also do wonders, but if this is too hard you can always start small! Here are a few tips:

  • Drink lemon water in the morning to flush out toxins
  • Portion control!
  • Go for the healthier option (wholegrain bread over white, skim milk over full cream and
  • Ask for sauce on the side


Getting back into the swing of things might be difficult and cutting everything out is unrealistic but just try to eat everything in moderation and you’ll feel the difference in no time.


5. Quality Sleep

This seems like a no-brainer but waking up early to make the most out of your day while you’re overseas means you might not be getting the shut-eye that your body needs.

The Sleep Health Foundation recommends adults get between 7-9 hours of quality sleep to ensure healthy brain function. It also helps your body regenerate and recover. Jet lag and post-travel fatigue can throw a spanner in the works so if you’re struggling to feel refreshed, an Energy Boost treatment could be what you’re looking for.


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Going on holiday can be fun and relaxing. Getting back into routine is not. But these tips can help make the transition a little easier. Whether it’s as simple as showering or re-energizing after a flight, recovery can require a little more effort. Getting back into your fitness routine will improve your energy levels and paired with eating clean and getting a good night’s sleep will ensure you are back to your normal self in no time.


Cryo Australia is a health and wellness clinic that provides cryosauna therapy and medical expertise to individuals looking to exceed their goals in health and peak athletic performance – it can also help define their beauty. We use next generation recovery technology of whole body cryotherapy; we also combine cryotherapy treatments with personalised physical fitness and nutrition counselling where needed.

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