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Cryo Face Lift

The Cryo Facial was developed by American physician J. Kuehene, and uses pressurised liquid nitrogen vapours (-160 °C) which are applied to the face and neck to
stimulate the production of Collagen and to decrease Pore size.

Skin becomes tighter, more even-toned and Blood circulation is improved. Over time skin is more elastic due to the increase in Collagen.

Treatment is delivered via a hose and small nozzle, which does not come into contact with the skin. The Therapist holds the nozzle about five to ten centimetres away from the skin and the liquid Nitrogen Vapours are ‘sprayed’ onto the surface in a continuous action.The surface of the face is enhanced immediately.

A controlled beam of Vaporised liquid Nitrogen is used to freeze the skin of the face, scalp, and neck area, fi ne lines and wrinkles begin to disappear as the body responds to the cold by producing more Collagen.

Additionally, skin’s pore size is reduced, keeping toxins, dirt and grime out.The Cryo Facial fl ushes away built up toxins in the skin and sooths infl ammation, eliminating puffi ness. Clients are pleasantly surprised to see the immediate difference that unlike some other anti-ageing treatments does not require surgery, down time or pain.

Benefits :

  • Immediate reduction of fine
    lines & wrinkles
  • Reduce appearance of cellulite
  • Reduced pore size
  • Increased collagen production
  • Improved blood flow
  • Non-invasive alternative to Botox
  • Soothes eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis
  • Brightens dark spots

Whole Body Cryotherapy

The treatment method was originally used for joint pain relief for arthritis and other rheumatoid diseases patients. Thanks to advanced technology and equipment, whole body Cryotherapy is now multi-beneficial across a broad range of sporting, beauty and recovery needs.

(multi-session packs, monthly membership and introductory offers available for purchase)

NOTE: All services include a complimentary Body Composition Analysis report. Using advanced technology and only requiring one minute of your time, our body composition analyser will give your weight, fat, bone and water percentage (including their respective weights). This is an essential tool to analyse your health and provide our specialists with a more accurate analysis of your body.


Single Treatment – $80
Course of 6– $300
Course of 9 – $450
Course of 12 – $600
Monthly – $450 *Total of 5 sessions per week

Benefits :

  • Lessens the recovery time after a vigorous workout by delivering oxygen and nutrients to the muscles.
  • Regular Cryo treatments greatly reduce the recuperation period following competitive sports and training, enabling a quicker return to the playing field.
  • Enhances muscular endurance and resistance to fatigue.
  • Improves the body’s ability to relax and regulates sleeping patterns
    Increased strength and stamina, resulting in improved athletic performance.
  • Alleviates muscle tension and susceptibility to trauma.
    Improves joint functionality, motor capacity, and mobility.
  • Cryotherapy boosts energy levels and the release of endorphin’s, which in turn promotes faster fat reduction and aids weight loss.


Stubborn, hard to shift fat, tend to be located in areas
of the body that has a much higher density of alpha receptors; these react with hormones and actually inhibit fat lipolysis.

In addition to this, certain areas of fat also have a much poorer blood fl ow. This means that the blood borne hormones which react with the receptors in order to trigger lipolysis are actually unable to reach the fat cells and therefore, the fat can’t be broken down.

When the surface of the skin is cooled, blood fl ow is stimulated and lymphatic circulation improves in the target area, which is extremely beneficial for reducing cellulite. It also converts white fat, which stores energy, into brown fat, which actually burns calories in order to produce heat.

For best results, 1 to 2 sessions per week for 6 weeks plus is recommended.


Single Treatment – $80
Course of 6 – $300
Course of 9 – $450
Course of 12 – $600

Benefits :

  • Skin is tighter
  • Fat loss
  • More toned

Cryolipolysis } Fat Freeze

Cryo-shaping is a combination of physiotherapeutic
and cosmetic treatments to reduce cellulite and local
A series of treatments guarantees:
  • Firming of the skin
  • Circumference reduction
  • Weight reduction
  • Detoxifi cation
  • General wellbeing improvement

Cryo-shaping is a non-surgical alternative to liposuction and is the most advanced solution to body sculpting on the market today. Cryo-shaping is a safe and effective procedure to eliminate fat cells in areas of the body that are resilient to exercise and dieting.

By applying suffi cient low temperatures to the surface of the skin, excessive natural fatty stubborn tissues are permanently dissolved and destroyed.

Results are evident after the fi rst treatment with a programme of 6, 9 or 12 treatments recommended to maintain and enhance results. The skin becomes tighter, more even-toned, and blood circulation is improved. Over time, skin becomes more elastic due to the increase in collagen.


1 Area – $299.95

Benefits :

  • Weight loss
  • Firming of the skin
  • Detoxifi cation
  • Increase metabolism and caloric burn
  • Noticeable and lasting result