Welcome to Cryo Australia

We Are the First Company in Australia to Provide All Cryotherapy Facilities and Services

Have you ever wondered what it feels like for your body to enter a chamber that drops below zero degrees? Our cryotherapy treatments expose your entire body to low temperatures, activating an adrenalin and endorphin boost. This non-invasive, hyper-cooling treatment works to improve skin tone, reduce signs of ageing and inflammation, manage pain, enhance athletic performance, mitigate depression and much more. Keen to try cryotherapy for yourself? Contact us to find out about our special introductory offers.

Cryo Australia is the only company in Australia to provide all cryotherapy facilities and services including whole body cryotherapy, joint recovery, weight loss, cryo facial, cryo sculpting (cryo lipolysis) and localised fat reduction, needle-free facelift and treat rheumatoid arthritis.

Whether you are visiting our clinic to address a physical condition, perform better in sports or look and feel younger and healthier, our doctors and team of dedicated professionals are committed to your health, wellness and beauty goals.

Experience the physical benefits of Cryotherapy in Brisbane by visiting our clinic. Faster recovery and better health are just minutes away. Come in, cool down and rejuvenate your body today.