Athletes Who Swear by Cryotherapy

No doubt elite athletes are cool characters, even cooler is the growing list of the best of the best in sport who are turning to cryotherapy to expedite their recovery time, and improve their performance.

It’s not just a celebrity fad, it’s science meets medicine, and is rapidly being employed by athletes, sporting clubs and institutions globally. Here are just a few of the major names in sport that swear by cryotherapy treatment.

Kobe Bryant: Slam-dunking in the Cryo Chamber

Kobe BryantChristian Petersen/Getty Images

Kobe Bryant began his cryotherapy journey in Germany in 2011. Following an innovative procedure on his troublesome right knee, the Lakers star made several visits to a Dusseldorf cold chamber. He said, “It’s an incredibly intense feeling.”

Years later the entire Lakers side experimented with a group whole body cryotherapy session. ESPN reported that Luke Walton stated at the time that the treatment “definitely works” to improve his chronic back pain. In addition to whole body cryotherapy, Bryant also partakes in localised cryotherapy, intensely targeting problem areas like his knees and ankles.  

Floyd Mayweather + Cryotherapy = KO!

Floyd MayweatherMark J. Rebilas/USA TODAY Sports

Boxing champ Floyd Mayweather has been entering the cryo chamber as part of his recovery and match preparation regime since 2015, and often shares snaps of him enjoying his cool modern therapy on Instagram. David Levi owner of SubZero recovery in Vegas told TMZ Sports in 2015 that Floyd made daily trips (sometimes at 3am) to his business for cold therapy, in preparation for his famous match against Manny Pacquiao.

Boxing is a demanding sport, often resulting in extensive muscle and joint pain. 90 second to 3 minute cryo sessions help to expel toxins, enrich the blood, increase circulation, and reduce pain and swelling. To this day, Mayweather can be found inside the cryotherapy chamber before and after his fights.

Lebron James: Cryotherapy Benefits are no Tall Tale

Lebron JamesMaddie Meyer/Getty Images

What can you say about this man? In an article on NBA TV and TNT analyst Greg Anthony summed it up pretty well.

“There’s never been a player in his 15th season who was unquestionably the best player in the league. It’s not just that LeBron is really good in his 15th year, he’s the best player.”

To be this good for this long, you must have a few tricks up your sleeve. LeBron uses several recovery tools in order to bounce back refreshed and revitalised for every game. The first is the cryotherapy chamber, which he has employed for years to speed up the recovery process of his tissue, and decrease inflammation in his joints and muscles. He was known to use the cryotherapy chamber extensively during a past season playoff when two teammates were down with injuries and he had to play extra minutes.

Boxer Steve Lovett on Loving Cold Therapy

Steve LovettMatt Bedford

In an interview with SMH Lovett had plenty to say about his experience with cryotherapy to aid his recovery. Lovett has recently returned to Australia after three years in the US and after two minutes in a cryochamber, Lovett says he feels on top of the world. “I feel 100 percent afterwards.”

He goes on to say, “It would be the best recovery method I’ve ever used, it’s pretty intense, but it’s so much better than an ice bath; you don’t have to spend as long in there. It’s not unbearable being in there; but you really feel that cold. We use it before conditioning sessions. If I’m feeling a little bit sore, I come out of it feeling so good, especially in my legs.”

Brisbane Roar Kings of the Cryo Chamber

Brisbane Roar KingsBradely Kanaris/Getty Images AsiaPac

Our home grown Brisbane Roar soccer stars enjoyed their Cryotherapy recovery sessions throughout the duration of their 2017 A-league finals. Star midfielder Brett Holman told the Courier Mail “The research and results have supposedly proven that it’s worthy of trying out in terms of recovery.” He goes on to say “This is a little bit of the future in terms of recovery…you’d be crazy not to give it a go.”

Another slightly famous soccer star, Portuguese hero Cristiano Ronaldo, is crazy about cryotherapy. Not only does he swear by it, the Real Madrid forward purchased his own £36,000 cryotherapy chamber and had it installed in his home. Ronaldo is renowned for his incredible fitness levels and swears by cryotherapy as a tool for performance improvement, injury reduction, and quicker recovery times.

Mo Farah says “you recover right away.”

getty imageAndy Lyons/Getty Image

Mo Farah is a multiple Olympic, World and European Champion, and Britain’s most successful-ever distance runner. His list of achievements is too long for this article; but noteworthy was his 10,000m Rio Olympic victory. Mo was accidentally tripped, fell to the ground, got up, caught up to the leaders and went on to win the gruelling race. That’s quite a performance.

Mo regularly uses a cryotherapy chamber supplied by Nike at his home in Oregon. Of the treatment he says “You’re not stiff or anything, your body’s just freezing cold; but you recover right away. The following day – that’s when you feel a lot better.”

Alberto Salazar, Farah’s coach, is a long-time cryotherapy fan. In an interview with Daily Mail UK, he said “An ice bath may help you recover in terms of flushing something out of your legs; but the way this works, tiredness and soreness everywhere in your body is much less. You can have them [his runners] go in after a very hard workout and they’d normally just be completely wiped out. They do this [whole body cryotherapy] and an hour or two later they feel great.”

We had to end the list at some point

We could go on forever as the list of top athletes, celebrities and sporting teams who are enjoying the incredible results of cryotherapy treatment is growing daily. As this revolutionary technology is relatively new to Australian shores, the Brisbane Broncos have teamed up with Cryo Australia as the research and development partners. The results from the Broncos sessions using a portable cryo chamber are being analysed by the University of Queensland to study the treatments effects on the athletes, including; but not limited to, game performance and recovery from injury.


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