Cryotherapy For Acne – A New Way Of Getting Rid Of Your Trouble Spots

Pimples, spots, zits, acne, whatever you want to call them, they’re never welcome on our skin. Few people are blessed with never having to endure acne; but for the majority of us who have, we know full well how difficult it is to get rid of. Selling miracle acne creams is big business in the skincare industry; but rarely do you hear about anyone finding a magic potion that really works on those stubborn and unsightly spots.

What is acne?

Acne is Australia’s most common skin condition and there are several causes. Most Australians will suffer from acne at some point in their lives. Pimples, cysts, nodules, blackheads and whiteheads are all types of acne.


Acne occurs when tiny hair follicles in the skin become blocked and oil secreted by glands under the skin which are connected to our pores, builds up. Blocked pores cause skin cells, an oily liquid called sebum, and hair to clump together and become infected with bacteria. First swelling results, and then a pimple begins to form when the clumped plug starts to break down. The severity and frequency of the acne may depend on the strain of acne bacteria, and how acne-prone your skin is.

What causes these blockages?

Acne has several triggers; but the main cause is thought to be hormonal, which is why acne most commonly occurs in adolescence. Teen acne sufferers often look forward to that magical age where pimples will no longer be a problem; but sadly for many, acne commonly follows us into our adult lives. Why is it so? Acne causing culprits include:

  • Some medications
  • Hormonal changes and fluctuations, such as menstruation and pre-menopause.
  • Emotional stress
  • Makeup and cosmetics
  • Poor diet
  • Genetics causing acne-prone skin

Whatever the cause, breakouts can be embarrassing, painful and horrible. Sufferers search high and low for the product that might finally treat their acne woes. Most of our first-time acne treatment customers tell us they’ve “tried everything,” so we’re always excited to get started and show them what cryotherapy can do for them.

How can you treat acne with cryotherapy?

Cold therapy stimulates the skin’s natural response to produce collagen, which tightens the skin, and reduces the size of your pores. The treatment flushes away built up skin toxins, helps keep dirt and grime out of the pores, and soothes inflammation and puffiness. This process results in improved blood flow, and an immediate improvement in the appearance of your skin.

Our Acne Therapy is usually performed using our local cryotherapy wand to target specific affected areas; but whole body cryotherapy via a cryochamber is also effective in the war against acne, and refreshes the skin and mind. Not only can cryotherapy directly treat problem areas, it’s proven to reduce stress, increase energy, and leave you feeling refreshed and revitalised. Localised cryotherapy can also reduce the appearance of acne scars, fine lines and sun spots.

We offer acne treatment as a single treatment, or a course of three or six treatments depending on the severity of your problem. Our customers who thought they’d “tried everything” are always amazed at the noticeable difference they can see and feel in their skin.

And it’s affordable. Visit our acne therapy page for prices. Let’s treat, oxygenate, smooth, and refresh your skin, and give those zits the icy reception they deserve. ___________________________________________________________________________________

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